Restaurant Ibid

Restaurant Ibid constitutes the culinary vision of Woo Wai Leong, lawyer-in-training turned chef and first winner of the inaugural MasterChef Asia. Ibid draws the concepts of ‘from the same source’ (which ibid means in Latin) and ‘Nanyang’, which is characterized by an East-West sensibility and a constant search for origins and identity. From these dual inspirations comes Contemporary Chinese cuisine done in an East-West Nanyang sensibility, expressed from Wai Leong’s own Nanyang heritage, and East-West culinary background. Housed in a conserved riverside shophouse and staffed by youthful ‘cross-trained’ kitchen and service crew, Restaurant Ibid is a seamless integration of concept, style and operation springing ‘from the same source’ embodied in the restaurant’s dynamic chef-owner.


February 2019 Tasting Menu

Celtuce Tea Broth

Kombujime Hamachi

Shaoxing | Sour Plum | Shoyu

Local Squid

Charred Bell Pepper | Pickled Chilli

Spring Onion Shaobing

Yeasted Butter

Foie Gras Stuffed Chicken Wing *

Marzo Heat Hot Sauce | Yuncheong

Jinhua Ham Custard *

Burnt Onion | Oscietra Caviar

72 Hour Beef Short Rib

Fermented Nashi Pear | Angelica Root


Black Grouper

Pumpkin | Toasted Cream

Chinese Bacon Porridge

Browned Butter

Strawberries & Cream’ *

Moutai Ice Cream | Lactic Foam

Baked Glutinous Rice Cake

Milk Oolong Ice Cream | Nashi Pear

6 - course S$98++

9 - course * S$138++


Valentine’s Day Tasting Menu

(14th - 15th Feb)

UPDATE: We still have seats available for both 14th and 15th February (that’s a Thurs and Fri respectively), so do reserve a slot while you can!

Celtuce Tea Broth

Marinated Tuna

Watermelon | Pomegranate

Local Squid

Charred Pepper | Green Chili

Milk Bun

Kefir Cream | Black Vinegar

Soft Shell Crab

Honey-Sesame | Marzo Heat Hot Sauce

Jinhua Ham Custard

Burnt Onion | Oscietra Caviar

Grilled Xi’An-style Lamb

Braised Fennel | Burnt Cream


Black Grouper

Pumpkin | Aged Shaoxing


Toriyama A4 Wagyu Striploin

Kohlrabi | Blended Peppercorn

(Supplement +S$38)

Chinese Bacon Porridge

Browned Butter

(Bafun Uni Supplement +S$30)

Valentine’s Dessert

Shhhh. . . it’s a secret.

8 - course S$128++



Reynold Poernomo

of MasterChef Australia

KOI Dessert Bar, Monkey’s Corner (SYD)


Woo Wai Leong

of MasterChef Asia

Restaurant Ibid (SG)

Collaboration Menu

16th & 17th February

UPDATE: We still have seats available for 17th February (Sunday) so do book with us now!


Almost a Cohiba

Burnt Mushroom I Brown Butter

Uni “Toast”

Whipped Kelp Cream I ‘Omakase’ Uni I Soy Glaze


Sesame Ma Lai Gou I Yun Cheong

Here’s your bread course!

Tangzhong Bun I Yeasted Butter I Black Rice Vinegar


Fire in Ice

Kingfish I Kefir Cream I Sambal Granita

The Japs aren’t looking…

Smoked Scallop I Coconut Dashi I Whipped Jamon

Game of Char Siu

Pigeon Breast I BBQ Legs I Berries I Beetroot Reduction

Beefcake Rey Rey

A4 Wagyu Striploin I Xi’an Spices I Potato Dauphin


Moutai Prawn Bisque I Dried Seafood Rice

We No Speak Americano

Bitter Orange I Campari I Sweet Vermouth


Pineapple I Saffron I Black Sesame I Bergamot

Homage to KOI Dessert Bar / Bubble Tea

Milk Oolong I Soy-caramel Boba I Butterscotch


It’s a (golden) gay time to be alive

Palm Sugar Parfait I Salted Caramel I Chocolate

Black Glutinous Rice Mochi


Tasting Menu S$178++

Wine Pairing S$88++


Coming soon in March!

A collaboration dinner with

Zander Ng

MasterChef Singapore winner

More details to come very soon!



18 North Canal Road
Singapore 048834

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Dinner Service
Monday to Saturday | 6:30pm –  10:30PM

Last Order 9:30PM


+65 9151 8698

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