Restaurant Ibid

Restaurant Ibid constitutes the culinary vision of Woo Wai Leong, lawyer-in-training turned chef and first winner of the inaugural MasterChef Asia. Ibid draws the concepts of ‘from the same source’ (which ibid means in Latin) and ‘Nanyang’, which is characterized by an East-West sensibility and a constant search for origins and identity. From these dual inspirations comes Contemporary Chinese cuisine done in an East-West Nanyang sensibility, expressed from Wai Leong’s own Nanyang heritage, and East-West culinary background. Housed in a conserved riverside shophouse and staffed by youthful ‘cross-trained’ kitchen and service crew, Restaurant Ibid is a seamless integration of concept, style and operation springing ‘from the same source’ embodied in the restaurant’s dynamic chef-owner.

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May 2019 Tasting Menu


Celtuce Tea


Japanese Tiger Prawn

Shaoxing Emulsion | Carrot | Roe

Local Squid

Charred Bell Pepper | Pickled Chilli

Spring Onion Shaobing

Yeasted Butter | Vegetable Crumble

* Chicken Wing

Foie Gras Marzo | Heat Hot Sauce

* Jinhua Ham-infused Custard

Burnt Onion | Chinese Oscietra Caviar


Black Grouper

Tofu Butter | Pumpkin | Laoganma


Beef Short Rib

Fermented Nashi Pear | Black Fungus | Angelica Root


Lamb Neck “Tenderloin”

Burnt Cream | Fennel | Szechuan Peppercorn


Chinese Bacon Porridge

Browned Butter | Pickles

* Strawberries & Cream’

Moutai | Lactic Acid | Local Herbs

Childhood Candy

Muscavado Chocolate | Ma Lai Gou


Baked Glutinous Rice Mochi

6 - course S$98++

* 9 - course S$138++

Prices before Service Charge and Prevailing Taxes

Do ask our friendly service crew about special dishes and secret wines for the evening!

VEGETARIAN & VEGAN MENUS can be catered for with early notice, do allow for at least a week’s notification from your reservation so we can source and prepare!

Roast Duck

Good for sharing between 4-6 people

We have been working on our roast duck for quite a while. Finding the balance point between the crispy skin of Peking roast duck, the juiciness of Hong Kong roast duck and the wonderful aged gaminess of Western roast duck was no easy feat but definitely a very insightful journey for the Team Ibid.

Served with housemade steamed pancakes, and a host of other condiments, this makes a fun sharing course in the middle of our tasting menu!

Pre-order a roast duck at S$88++ when you make your reservation or give us a call and let us know you’d like one!

Want to see what the duck we have been up to with this cunning canard? Check out @woowaileong for more information!

Note: We only have 8-10 ducks per week as we have to age and store them so the ducks are available per week whilst we still have stock.


BYOB Tuesdays

We love wines that are amazing and fun and know that you do too!

We have learnt so much about wines from the rare and interesting bottles that some of you have brought in (and generously shared with us, no obligations though) and we want to increase the opportunities to experience such bottles.

So bring your bottles on Tuesdays, we’ll waive corkage and let’s drink some amazing wines!

-Team Ibid

Corkage Policy

Here at Restaurant Ibid, we want you to enjoy wines from your own collection as much as our own curated list. Hence, we have a 1-for-1 policy so if you buy a bottle from us we will happily waive corkage on a bottle (up to 750ml) of yours!

Otherwise, our corkage per bottle (up to 750ml) is S$35.


18 North Canal Road
Singapore 048834

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Dinner Service
Monday to Saturday | 6:30pm –  10:30PM

Last Order 9:30PM


+65 9151 8698

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